Numer 23, 1984

I Studies and Proposals
P. Zeidler On Historical-pragmatic Relativization of Concepts in
J. D. Sneed’s Conception
Abstract 3
R. Leszko Two Diadic and Graphic Systems of Erotetic Logic Abstract 19
E. Skarżyński Methodological Problems of Cosmology Abstract 39
J. Kmita The Humanistic Factor of an Action and the Problem of the
Relationship of Psychology to the Humanities
Abstract 55
M. Buchowski World-view Sphere of Culture in Ethnological Interpretation Abstract 73
A. Pałubicka On the Weberian Programme of Research on the Science of Culture Abstract 97
A. Zeidler The Place and Role of Outlook on Life in Antinaturalistic
Conceptions of Culture
Abstract 131
J. Grad Holiday – Outlook on Life – Custom Abstract 147
E. Rewers On the Concept of Literary Language Abstract 175
II Discussions
R. Kneblewski Performatywne samobójstwo wypowiedzi i magiczne narodziny
nowej rzeczywistości w obronie dzieła przed twórcą