Numer 25, 1991

I Studies and Proposals
M. Juraszek Problems of the Philosophy of Culture of Max Scheler and the
Twentieth Century Philosophy of the Humanities
B. Kotowa On the Concept of Artistic Value 23
M. Hendrykowska Metaphor as an Instrument of Explanation in a Film on Art 65
A. Boruta Two Categories of Social Consciousness 89
B. Pogonowska Examples of Parascientific Qualification of Texts in the Field of
Biological Disciplines
II Reconstructions
S. Magala Jurgen Habermas’ Conception of the Colonization Process
of the Lebenswelt
J. Urbaniak Ethical Positivism of Ignacy Halpern 153
M. Wesoły The Conception of Explanation in the Light of Aristotelian
Apodeictic (part II)
III Discussions
B. Królewicz The Truth Criterion 199
M. Buchowski Communicative Sign System and Magic 209
IV Reviews
J. Topolski Franciszek Ryszka, Nauka i polityce 219
T. Zielichowski Przyczynek do historii filozofii nauki 222