Numer 26, 1991

I Studies and Proposals
P. Zeidler Historical Research Program of Methodology Abstract 3
E. Kobylińska The Birth of Art. As an Effect of „Disenchantment of the World: Abstract 25
A. Dobosz Epistemological Reflection and Tradition of Magical Thinking Abstract 47
M. Piotrowski Music and Language Abstract 59
J viagra 100mg. Kmita Impressionism as a Problem of the Methodology of Knowledge of Culture Abstract
II Reconstructions
E. Dorobińska Evolution of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz’s Views on the Methodological
Character of the Laws of Logic
A. Wiśniewski On Some Consequences of the Postulate of Empirical Falsifiability
of Logical Theorems
K. Krzemień-Ojak The Idea of Adorno’s Natural History 139
Magala S. Michel Foucalt’s Grammar of Culture 167
The Strength of Reflectionand the Power of Tradition, Authority and Superstition.
Presentation of Polemic Between J. Habermas and H. G. Gadamer
D. Minta-Tworzowska Interpretation of Science in P. Teilhard de Chardin’s Philosophy of History 221
M. Kilijanek Genetic Epistemology as a Theory of Development of Sciences 239
III Discussions
A. Pałubicka Remarks on the Collected Work: Marxist Perspectives in Archeology
I. Torbicka M. Riffaterre’a Criteria of Analysis of Style 277
W. Śliwczyński „Empirical” Aesthetics of Robert Frances 301
IV Reviews
G. Zalejko S. Amsetrdamski, Między historią metodą. Spory o racjonalność nauki 321
A. Zeidler S. Morawski, Na zakręcie: od sztuki do po-sztuki