Aims and scope

The Methodological Studies was founded in 1965 by scientists who belonged to the so-called Poznan Methodological School. The journal was recognised by some of the most distinguished philosophers of science, who published their articles there. In the 1970’s, the Methodological Studies presented papers which resulted in the emergence of two separate paradigms for methodological research. The former contributed to the formulation of basic concepts in methodology, the latter led to the development of the Idealisational Theory of Science. During this time, the Methodological Studies was one of the most prestigious journals that dealt with various aspects of methodology of science, setting at the same time new research trends in this discipline. In order to ensure the high quality of contributions, all submissions are reviewed by anonymous referees.

The Methodological Studies is a philosophical journal devoted to a wide range of methodological issues, such as general methodology of science, the results of scientific knowledge and various research procedures applied in formal, natural and social sciences. The journal invites also contributions that deal with disciplines that only begin to form the methodological foundations, such as cognitive sciences, bio-medical sciences, climat change sciences and all other applied sciences. Finally, the journal welcomes also papers that present various case studies provided that they offer conclusions which are either general in nature or essentially important for a given science.