Numer 18, 1978

I Studies and Proposals
J. Kmita Essentially Corrective Corespondence Abstract 3
T. Kostyrko In opposition toward positivism Abstract 19
K. Zamiara Introspectionism and the Theory of J. Konorski Abstract 36
T. Zgółka On Two kinds of Explanation of Historical Facts in Linguistics Abstract 65
A. Pałubicka Historical Sciences on Culture in the Interpretation of H. Ricekert Abstract 86
B. Kotowa <a href=" viagra sicher” target=”_blank”>The status of Artistic Criticism in the Interpretaction of the
Pre-theoretical Orientation
Abstract 115
A. Grzegorczyk Postitivistic Epistemological Premisses in the Sciences on Art Abstract 149
II Reviews
J. Kmita „Systemowe” idee Karola Marksa 176
M. Piotrowski Filozoficzne zaplecze pedagogiki 177
E. Rewers Z badań nad strukturalizmem lingwistycznym 183