Numer 24, 1985

I Studies and Proposals
P. Ozdowski Realism and Instrumentalism and the Development of Science Abstract 3
J. Pomorski Economics, Politics, Culture in the Process of Generating History by Man Abstract 19
A. Pałubicka On the Three Historical Forms of Valorization Concerning Point of View Abstract 39
J. Żak Methodological Remarks on the Problem of Settlement Abstract 55
E. Stencel Conception of Man in the so Called Humanistic Psychology on the Example
of Views of A. H. Maslov and C. Rogers
Abstract 73
W. Ławniczak Work of Art. Within the Concept of Marxian Theory of Value Abstract 97
II Reconstructions Abstract 131
M. Wesoły The Conception of Explanation in the Light of Aristotle’s Apodeictics Abstract 147
M. Piotrowski Music and Non-Music Reality Abstract 175
A. Szahaj The Main Ideas of Communicative Competence of Jurgen Habermas
E. Rewers Linguistic Inspirations of Modern Poetics
M. Zaborowska An „Internal” Context of Ingarden’s Thesis of a Purely Intentional
Character of Works of Art
III Discussions 193
K. Wieczorek Opposition „Undertaken Activity” – Completed (Performed) Activity
W. Śliwczyński On the so Called Empirical Sociology of Culture
IV Reviews
T. Zielichowski Problema ukazanija w jazykie nauki, Izd. „Nauka”
J. Staszczuk Metodołogiczeskije problemy istorii sławistyki