Volume 30, 2013

Editorial board  1
Contents  4
From Editors  9
Preface 11
J. Sak The Complexity and Diversity of Concepts of Disease 13
A. Kapusta The Concept of Mental Illness in Phenomenological Perspective  41
M. Banasiak From Symptom to Action. Methodological Problems of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Medicine 63
T. Rzepiński Epistemological Assumptions Concerning the Use of Rough Set Theory for Evaluating and Selecting Clinical Data 93
J. Pawlikowski Methodological Problems in the Research on the Relationship Between Religiosity and Health 123
P. Rzymski, B. Poniedziałek Could Life Be Based on Arsenic? Mistakes in GFAJ-1 Bacteria Investigations 145
M. Reuter Executive Theories of Confabulations and Their Critique 163
M. Juś Reductionist and Organicist Intuitions in the Explanations of Carcinogenesis 185
M. Dereniowska Normative and Methodological Aspects of Applied Ecology in the Science-Policy Interface 207
A. W. Nowak The Democratization of the Public Debate on Alternative Medicine 139
A. Paś Around the Concept of Bioethics. Considearation of its Genesis and Methodological Status 267
Instruction for Authors 279